Community Constellation for the Healing of Gun Violence
January 31st, 2016

On Monday, January 18th, 2016- King Day- we offered a Community Constellation for the Healing of Gun Violence in our society.  We gathered at The Heal Center in Sandy Springs at roughly the same time similar constellations were being offered in 13 other cities across the U.S.  Our deep appreciation goes to Roz Zollinger and Michael Zollinger at The Heal Center for generously allowing us to use your large, beautiful classroom for this event.

Kelly and I began by evoking the presence of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King by reading quotes from each of them, which are at the end of this article.  We acknowledged the people in all the other cities across the U.S. who were also participating.  We reminded everyone present of the potentially intense nature of the energies we would be invoking, that we were trusting them with their own responsibility for self-care, and what to do (ask for help) if triggered or overwhelmed. After sharing  Read more...

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I Don't Fit in My Family
December 30th, 2015

I recently worked with Henry, a client who has been frustrated most of his life by feeling like an outsider in his family.  There has always seemed to be a mismatch between Henry’s values and outlook on life, and the values of his multi-generational, large extended family.  He’s been healthy and successful in his life and marriage, but the sense of disconnection with those he grew up with has been painful and pervasive.  He has felt annoyance with what he’s perceived as the family placing too much importance on maintaining a good image in the world, regardless of what is really happening behind the scenes.  Henry feels it’s more important to be authentic and truthful, and not worry about what others think of him.  He’s also struggled with feeling pressure from family members to participate more in family events, even in one instance when he was expected to attend a family gathering in Tennessee when his wife was having heart  Read more...

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Conscience and Belonging
December 2nd, 2015

Whenever conscience acting in the service of belonging binds us to one another in a group, it also drives us to exclude those who are different and to deny them the right to the membership that we claim for ourselves.  Then we become frightening for them.  The conscience guarding our belonging guides us to do to those who are different what we fear as the worst consequence of guilt- we exclude them.  But as we treat them badly in good conscience, so do they in turn treat us in the name of the conscience of their group.  The conscience that guards belonging inhibits evil within the group, but lifts this inhibition in regard to those outside the group.  We then do to others in good conscience what our conscience forbids us to do to members of our own group.   -from Love’s Hidden Symmetry, by Bert Hellinger Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as  Read more...

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Giving Birth to the Dreams of Youth
November 2nd, 2015
Culture renews itself from the dreams of youth and the visions of elders.  We need to become ancient again by connecting to the eternal youth and the old soul within.  When "the End" seems near, how people imagine the world becomes more important; how people imagine humanity becomes of the utmost importance. Trouble actually births new things from the marriage of eternity and time." -Michael Meade

At my semi-annual dental cleaning two weeks ago I was asked by the late-arriving technician if it would be alright if we were interrupted, to allow her to take an important phone call regarding her daughter.  Sure, I said, and feeling compassion for what seemed to be a stressful situation, asked if everything was alright.  The technician explained that her daughter, a high-achieving, 18-year-old junior at the University of Georgia, was having panic attacks in her engineering program which were creating difficulty focusing.  She had  Read more...

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Pat Conroy's Success
October 1st, 2015

Kelly and I spent a beautiful day at the the Decatur Book Festival on Sunday, Sept 7th.  In addition to seeing an old friend, Ginnie Sams, a former member of The Emerson Drummers who was helping out at her sister’s booth, we attended Pat Conroy’s keynote talk at the First Baptist Church of Decatur.  Pat Conroy is a hugely successful author who’s had two novels, The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini, made into Oscar-nominated movies. Moderating was Pat Conroy’s agent, Marly Rusoff, who was introduced by the founder of the DBF as “one of the most important names in American letters, although you probably haven’t heard of her.”  Joining them was another writer, Jonathan Odell, who is also represented by Ms. Rusoff.  Each writer took turns sharing their experiences with their difficult families, and what it’s been like for them to write honestly about surviving abuse and dysfunction in their families while growing  Read more...

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